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About us

When I founded Railmasters Ltd. in 2018 my motivation was to utilize the 15 years of experience in railway construction and education I have obtained during my work, cooperating with a wide range of partners to support planning and implementing railway projects. Because of its complexity, a qualified professional staff is needed to reach this goal, which can only be achieved with complex in-depth knowledge. For this reason, we’ve set up our team with colleagues who have outstanding knowledge and experience in their own technical field and can work in close cooperation at the same time. This allows us to provide a high level of engineering expertise in railway projects - without compromise.

István DUDÁS

managing director

About Us
Who do we recommend our services to?

We can provide professional support for

  • contractors

  • designers

  • investors

in railway investments, and in any project that includes (or is associated with) railway, tramway (LRT) or subway construction We provide our engineering consulting services from the conceptual design phase of the investment preparation process, through the analysis of the consistency of each investment, the analysis of design variants, to the determination of the most optimal scheduling and construction technology.

What We Offer

List of activities



Preparation and revision of studies, version analyses

The quality of the studies and the sophistication of version analysis determine the life of an investment in long term, so during this period it is necessary to carry out all the studies that can lead to the optimal solution.



Preparation and revision of tender documentation

The Public Procurement Specifications (Volume 3) and Budget (Volume 4) of a properly prepared Tender documentation are important milestones for contractors on their way to successful projects. If these documents are superficial, they will lead to higher prices due to the perceived risk of the bidders, which could even lead to the failure of the project.




risk analysis

At any moment decision makers may need to know how viable an investment or project idea is and how it is impacted by ongoing environmental change.

An investment risk analysis provides information on this.


Reviewing the technical content of completed plans


There is no plan that is not feasible. The question is on what price, and how many temporary facilities have to be implemented. The cost of investments approaches the optimal value when the number of the temporary buildings and objects are minimized. This work could be supported by the construction experience we have.



Preparing and reviewing schedules

Typically, projects have a certain starting date and they have an estimated deadline. It is useful to make a schedule before the project starts. That will help you to set a safe completion date for it, and to maintain and detail the schedule during the project implementation to help with your day-to-day work and controlling processes.


Preparation and review of construction phase plans


In railway investments, the completion of the construction phases and the related track possessions are essential both in terms of delivery times and construction costs. We prepare detailed and high-quality phase plans as a result of the synchronized work of our experts.



Project management tasks

We provide technical support not only for railway construction investments, but also in subway, tramway, road and other engineering works in the field of railway track, catenary and power supply, signalling, drainage and bridges, and we carry out plan management activities as well.



Education, training and organizational development

All the money spent on education pays off, as we can expect a skilled worker to do quality work. We provide professional training services and consultancy services in developing the adequate project organization for the actual task.


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